Neogen's GeneSeek Operations Laboratory

Neogen’s GeneSeek Operations laboratory based in Lincoln, Nebraska is a global leader in companion animal genomic testing and provides quick and reliable results to pet owners, responsible breeders, veterinarians and researchers.

Using a simple swab with cheek cells from a cat’s mouth, or a blood sample collected by a veterinarian, Neogen’s GeneSeek lab utilizes state-of-the-art technology to extract the DNA from the cells in the sample and analyze this genetic material for insight into health and physical attributes of our feline companions.

The GeneSeek Laboratory was established in 1998 as a small lab in the University of Nebraska Technology Park. Since that time, it has expanded to a much larger facility and in 2011, the GeneSeek Laboratory was acquired by Neogen Corporation (NASDAQ: NEOG).

Neogen Corporation is dedicated to being the leading company in the development and marketing of solutions for food and animal safety, and believes that genomics is an integral part of their mission. With corporate headquarters in Lansing, Michigan, Neogen has additional facilities across the U.S. as well as international locations in Mexico, Scotland, England, India, Brazil and China. Worldwide, DNA testing services are provided for food, animals, aquaculture, agronomy, forestry and horticulture which includes the researchers, breed associations and commercial entities that serve these industries. In addition to the GeneSeek Operations lab in Lincoln, Nebraska, Neogen also has genomic testing facilities in Araçatuba, a city in the northwest of São Paulo state, Brazil and Ayr, Scotland.